Gamma I

The Cessaro Gamma is without peer, the only comparison can be with live music.

It improves even upon our own Beta in every area.

The Gamma can bring you clother to the concert hall experience than you ever thought possible, words alone cannot describe the experience you must hear the Gamma for yourself.

The Cessaro Gamma is a 5 way horn loudspeaker system:


1. Bass: Eight backloaded 16" bass horns with TAD  Alnico drive units, the entire bass section is driven by two special solidstate power amps  with a hugh 1200w transformers each.

2. Low Mid: Spherical solid wood horn  with a bespoke papercone driver with Alnico magnets.

3. Midrange: Spherical wood horn with a 2"  TAD compression driver with beryllium diaphragm.

4. Treble: Spherical wood horn with a 1"  TAD compression driver with beryllium diaphragm.

5. Super-treble: Cessaro modified TAD compression driver with cobalt magnet and beryllium diaphragm.

We consider our mod. TAD compression drivers to be the finest available, Cessaro will not compromise on the quality of parts or manufacture.

Product Specifications


Gamma I